We are WoMen FOR All, a FEARLESS women’s movement for progressive values, inclusive commitment and legislative accomplishment.

#WoMen4All We welcome all genders, ethnicities and races in our united front against bigotry of all kinds. An affiliate of @WeAreMarchOn

*why do we capitalize the M in our name?
WoMen For All is focused on building broad coalitions and male allies are essential to global gender equality. WoMen For All (WMFA) is an inclusive, grassroots, women's rights organization advocating against all forms of bigotry, hate and prejudice and advocating for equality for all.

Our mission is to promote women’s rights for ALL women, in the U.S. and around the world. We formed with the purpose of highlighting oppression, hatred, and bigotry and to promote initiatives in order to bring about a freer, more just world. Everyone is welcome in the WMFA! Including male allies. We are inclusive, not divisive. We welcome men who bravely champion women's rights and value the contributions they have, and will continue to make, to our shared communities.♀

Full equality for women will ultimately lead to empowerment #ForAll.

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In Solidarity,