WoMen For All is a proud partner of My Israeli Products – MIP

My Israeli Products is a platform hub for small Israeli businesses that can not manage to ship overseas, and takes them global, helping to create more jobs and fight any boycott that can harm their business. Israeli small manufacturers are responsible for 61% of Israeli employment.

A proactive celebratory solution to BDS!
World Marketplace Website launches in April 2019. Support the launch to make Israeli goods accessible to every friend of Israel around the world. Tell the world!


Join My Israeli Products today - Become a MIP Pioneer! The MIP marketplace connects people, communities, and fine Israeli products.

My Israeli Products – MIP allows customers to really buy the best of Israel, from foods such as Tahini, olive oil or Dead Sea cosmetics, and all the way to jewelry, fashion, holy products, and boutique items.

MIP will provide the safest and fastest shopping experience – for anyone who wants to purchase any product made in Israel making sure you get exactly what you want, whenever you want it – with an added value of supporting the country, and its small and medium-sized manufacturers, the true driving force behind Israel’s economy.

By utilizing various inventory management methods and making sure digital marketing experts lead all marketing activity – MIP provides all products with a centralized, accessible and welcoming display window, completely free of charge.


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MIP is a first-of-a-kind marketplace, a special place where you will find only Israeli products, produced mostly by small and medium-sized manufacturers in Israel. MIP was founded to allow Israeli manufacturers to expand their clientele and reach millions of households around the world with thousands of Made In Israel goods. Tell the world!